Sex Toy Guide – Vibrators

These days, buying a sex toy: vibrators in Ghana is both easy and complicated at the same time? Confused? Let me explain…

It is easy to research sex toys online and check  reviews to decide what toy you may like. However because we are spoilt for choice with a  huge array of buzzing,nuzzling, music driven, battery operated or rechargeable,osculating, penetrating, tickling, objects of pleasure, where to start? You may ask?

Vibrators versus Dildos

Only about 30% of women reach orgasm through penetration. Seventy percent of women reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation alone, rather than sexual penetration, so for most beginners a vibrator is the best place to start, rather than a dildo. While that narrows down your choices, there are still many types of vibrators to choose from.

Types of Vibrators

Bullets & Eggs

Bullets and egg vibrators are very small and usually  powerful for their size. They are discrete and fairly affordable. They come in many various designs, range in speeds from single to multiple speeds and vibrating patterns. All are fairly simple to use and are perfect for a first time buyer.

Pocket Rockets

Pocket Rockets look like mini pocket flashlights and are very discrete, affordable and simple to use. They are easier to manipulate and hold on to if you are wet or slippery with lube. Basic pocket rockets are one speed only, which is usually enough power for a younger woman. I recommend multiple speed rockets because you have more variation and you won’t outgrow them. These are a bit more expensive but worth the investment.

Magic Wands & Body Massagers

The Hitachi Magic Wand is the best selling and most powerful vibrator ever made, but it is often way too powerful for a first-time buyer. However, body massagers are much smaller, have more variations in speed.

Rabbit Vibes

If you want to get more adventurous, try rabbit vibes. These vibes feature a vibrating dildo for penetration and clitoral stimulator (flickering rabbit ears) in one. They are much more sophisticated than clitoral-only vibes.

G spot vibes

G spot vibes are dildos with a curved shape that facilitate G spot stimulation. Most beginners have a hard time stimulating their G spot, so we wouldn’t recommend these to start with.

Classic and phallic shaped vibes

Classic and phallic shaped vibrators like are more geared towards penetration than clitoral orgasms. 

Love Rings or vibrating cock rings

These are great for beginners who want to explore together. Vibrating cock rings are a best-selling sex toy and tend to be one of the first toys couples try. Cock rings help boost his size and hardness plus improve his stamina, and for her they stimulate her clitoris during sex with a buzzing mini bullet. Offering extra pleasure for both partners, it’s no wonder cock rings are so appealing. Click here to see how to use a love ring.

Other vibes

Strap-on (butterfly) vibes and vibrating panties are not very comfortable, lack power and are hard to position where you want them (hello, clitoris!). Couple’s vibes are very expensive, not very powerful, and though fun to play with, we don’t recommend them for beginners. Luxury vibes are usually very beautiful, discrete, but super expensive and often lack power as well.

A Few More Tips

  • Test the strength of a vibrator on the tip of your nose (seriously!). Your nose has a similar sensitivity as your clitoris, so if it tickles, that tells you it will work for your clit as well.
  • If shopping online, browsing with your guy can be pretty fun.
  • Some vibrators are waterproof, but many are not. Keep that in mind when you purchase, if you intend to use it in the bath or shower.
  • Women over forty typically need more power to get off than younger women. Massagers are perfect for women who need that extra boost.

So, that’s the rundown on buying your first vibe. Ready to buy?

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