Note to a big hard dick

There are two things that are important to me in this world, food and a big dick. lol. forget the sex toy for now…


Monday 6th January 2017

Dear ziMboro

– I cannot stop thinking about you..
– You have been on my mind all day and I just have to have you..
– I’ve been naughty and I deserve to be punished..
– I need putting in my place..
– I need you to pin me down..
– my pulsating pussy longs for you..
– I will take every inch and I want to feel it deep in me..
– You need to teach me a lesson I will never forget..
– Show me how naughty I have been..
– Take complete ownership of my body and show me just who is in charge..
– I am so wet for you, so desperate for your power, your domination, your absolute possession.

– I want you to give it to me..
– fuck me..
– destroy me with that Ghana penis..
– pound me into the mattress..
– I want the whole room to shake..
– I don’t care if the neighbours hear my screams,..
– I want to cum hard all over you..
– My body is yours, as you know already..
– I want my whole body to vibrate..
– I belong to you, so does my mouth, pussy and ass..
– spread my legs, peel back my long labia, spank my pussy with your dick and just shove it in..

– Have no mercy..
– Pulverize me..
– slap my face with it..
– rub it all over my face..
– make me kiss it..
– make it rest on my lips……

– and don’t forget to explode on me…

Forever your slave..



Adina Shebeen