The Dick Head

“Hi Sugar, you sexy camel. Please tell us more about the sensitivity of the dick head. By the way, how big is your dick and what colour is it. Thanks”.


Well, Sugar Dick Dupree’s dick is quite large and it’s exact size is classified information. It’s dark, has one huge vein (with little veins all over) and a very sensitive head. It’s clean, in great condition and it smells very nice. But, like I’ve always said, its not about the size of the dick, its about the technique, skills, confidence and energy of the person. A little dick can make anyone orgasm so long the owner is CONFIDENT.


Anyway, back to answering your question. What is the most sensitive part of a dick head?

Honestly, the answer lies with your man. What works for Sugar Dupree won’t necessarily work for your man. Some guys will ejaculate at the slightest touch and some need “aggressive” blow jobs just to get things going.  So, you see, all dick heads are sensitive (circumcised being more sensitive) but everything boils down to the owner.


If you are too embarrassed to ask your man about his most sensitive part, then when you are giving him a blowjob, you MUST make note of his reactions. There are times when you lick certain parts of the dick head and he goes “HOO HAA HEE HOO YAAH SHAKA LAKA BOOM BOOM” ,lol, take note of what you did, how you did and remember it. It most likely means he enjoys it.

• Personally, I like it when the back of my dick head (the part she is licking in the image above) is gently pressed and gently rubbed by a slippery oily thumb. You can use saliva, but it evaporates pretty quick..


• Sometimes, it feels really good when she’s just rubbing the dick head all over her lips.. (like she’s putting lipstick)..

• Licking under the head also feels good, but it depends with my erection. If its really hard, its more sensitive and any licking will make me cum.


I think you shouldn’t concentrate on his most sensitive spots because a dick is designed to trigger ejaculation if it gets too aroused. So, if you keep hitting his sensitive spots, he WILL ejaculate. I hope that…



Sugar Dick Dupree