Traveling with sex toys? You need to read this!

Getting Your Sex Toys Through Airport Security. Tips to save you from a very red face….


Imagine these two scenarios…

A terminal of one of biggest  international airports is shutdown, Check-in counters are closed, and the terminal evacuated. You are detained for an hour before a member of the bomb squad wearing full bomb protective gear — walks out holding the offending toy, and laughing.

Imagine the embarrassment. I. Would. Die. Right there.  All because your favorite rabbit vibrator stars buzzing at the wrong time:

At airport security!


Or this scenario

You are at the airport of an African country, Ghana, Tanzania, Rwanda, Nigeria, could be any of them…

you are anxious, terrified that the sex toy. You’d packed was going to cause some kind of problem with airport security. Your stomach is doing flip flops as you imagine airport personnel  gingerly picking it up with her gloved hands and inspecting it while the entire security line looks on.


If you have been anxious about traveling with sex toys, you are not alone. many travelers who pack sex toys in their carry on luggage run all kind of scenarios through their head at airport security.

So how do you get your sex toys thorough airport security without too many problems? (handcuff problems anyone?).


Choose a smaller vibrator

When traveling, it’s always advisable to pack light, and the same goes for your sex toys. Leave your 13 inch realistic vibrating dildo at home. You don’t want a huge mysterious object popping up on the security monitor. Stick with a small but powerful toy that can easily be tucked away in an inner suitcase pocket.

Choose wisely

When packing your carry-on, you want to think like the agent working the x-ray. So, the toys that are more ideal for travel are the ones that look like exactly what they are. (Which is to say, a vibrator that is vaguely penis-shaped.) If your toy is shaped like a penis it might cause a screening officer to need a closer look. If you’re going all-out with a ride-on sex toy, well, good for you but may we suggest you carve out some space in your checked baggage, instead? So take a toy which has a shape that’s not likely to be mistaken for any thing other than what it is. See this article to get an idea of airport friendly adult toys

Leave the buzz in the bedroom

Imagine lifting your bag onto the conveyer belt when a familiar little hum starts up. Not ideal. Even if it doesn’t raise any suspicions (or set off a full-blown bomb scare), it might raise a few eyebrows, and you are going to have to go into your bag to turn it off. Simple solution: Take the batteries out before you leave. But also: Don’t forget to pack batteries.

Bag it

Put your vibrator in a clear plastic bag. This way, if screeners do open your bag, they’ll be able to see what it is without having their hands all over it; much more hygienic!

Cool as a cucumber

You don’t need to be embarrassed about bringing your buzzy little friend along for the ride.  Rest assured, the folks at the airport have seen it all. Unless your adult toy is extraordinary, it likely won’t even be noted. And whatever you’re packing, it’s probably not the wildest thing they’ve seen. So go ahead and pack yours; there’s a good chance it won’t be interesting to anyone but you, and the people you choose to share it with.

Do your research

Some countries, like India and the United Arab Emirates, have restrictions on sex toys. Do your research ahead of time to avoid the risk of having your vibrator confiscated.

Finally, if you don’t think you’d be able to handle being pulled for additional screening for a matter related to your personal devices, put your toys in your checked baggage, and fly worry-free.

So can’t put your whole life on hold every time you travel, and self-pleasure is totally a part of normal life. If your chosen travel companion is of the vibrating type, there are some things you need to consider. Heed these tips, or risk a major buzzkill on your next trip.